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4 reasons to join RVSC this season

By RVSC, 05/28/19, 7:45AM EDT


4 reasons to join RVSC this season


1. Registration cost at other clubs up to $1000 more than RVSC

Parents often mention our relatively low registration costs. Did you know that RVSC’s registration costs are $531 lower on average than other clubs in the area? This is because RVSC is a non-profit organization. As a nonprofit organization, our goal isn’t to generate profit. The revenue our club receives is just enough to cover the costs of running the programs! Any surplus of revenue goes to further our mission as we are dedicated to the development and advancement of soccer for youth aged boys & girls, college players, and post-college too! At RVSC, you get access to high quality training at a fraction of the cost!


2. League

The majority of RVSC’s teams compete in the Northern Counties Soccer Association (NCSA) – a league that formed in 1973, with the purpose of providing a forum for quality youth soccer. NCSA offers premier level flights at every age group and provides many additional flights for children to hone their skills and work to move their game to a higher level. At RVSC, we believe that our teams should work to make it to NCSA’s “A” and “B” flights. We look to place our teams in other leagues only when they can finish at the top of NCSA’s highest and most premier flights. Top licensed coaches have said that the teams in NCSA’s “A” flight are better than the teams in other leagues. Similar to soccer around the world, teams are measured by their ability to be promoted to higher divisions/flights. NCSA is one of the longest standing and highest quality leagues in our area.

3. Away game distance

Did you know that our average away game commute clocks in at just 28 minutes? We understand that our parents would prefer not to have to spend extra money on gas and tolls travelling to a game that is more than an hour away. Distance travelled is one of the most important factors when considering leagues and tournaments.

4. Facilities

RVSC is based in Suffern, NY in Ramapo. Ramapo has some of the best turf facilities in the area. Our 2019-2020 club season home games will be played at the Joseph T St. Lawrence Center’s outdoor turf complex. Our games won’t be cancelled due to fields being “too muddy” to play on. This is a problem for clubs that rely on grass fields! Cancellations due to unplayable field conditions means more rescheduling and added stress for coaches and managers of other clubs.