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Ramapo Valley SC COVID-19 Update

By RVSC, 08/28/20, 9:15AM EDT


As we begin to wind down the summer, Ramapo Valley SC is in the process of organizing our annual programs. Some have raised concerns about the Clubs protocols and policies if the leagues they participate in and/or in-house programs are shut down. 

Ramapo Valley SC has processes in place in the event that we see something similar to what we saw in the Spring.  However, at this point in time, neither Ramapo Valley SC nor the governing bodies of the leagues we participate in, foresee anything to that extent happening again.

As a reference point, some soccer leagues have been operating as usual throughout most of the summer. EDP, NPL, and some other leagues have been hosting games and even tournaments, to the best of our knowledge, WITHOUT incident for the past month.  They have put mitigations in place to ensure the safety of participating players.  It is these leagues that are paving the way for our fall competitive leagues (Northern Counties) to start up and our league has put similar models of safety in place.  In short, both leagues and clubs have been monitoring these first forays back into competitive sports and feel that our players safety will be protected.  As always, Ramapo Valley SC places it's members (players, parents, coaches and staff) safety at the forefront of its actions.

As for our in-house recreation program, Ramapo Valley SC is confident it can offer a quality program while also ensuring player/parent safety. Ramapo Valley SC ran a full summer, All-In- One Summer program for its recreation and competitive members since the beginning of July.  Ramapo Valley SC followed state, and CDC guidelines such as temperature checks upon entrance, masks, and social distancing.  The program ran without incident for the entirety of the summer.  Our fall program will follow a similar model and add any mitigations that state and CDC guidelines recommend as we move into the school year. 

This past spring Ramapo Valley SC offered credits to all those members affected by the closure of leagues and in-house programs.  While other clubs kept portions of fees, we did not.  Our goal has always been to provide a safe, positive environment for players to enjoy the great game of soccer.  Similarly, if we are faced with a crisis of this magnitude again, you can be assured that Ramapo Valley SC will provide similar credits or refunds based on the cases presented.  However, moving forward we are not preparing for a shutdown again, but instead, we are preparing to take the field and give kids a safe place to meet, socialize, and play.  With the recent announcement of schools going remote, we feel it is even more important for kids to have an avenue to meet with their friends, see other families, and begin to normalize their routine.  Soccer is great place to start that.  We ask that you register your child for either competitive or recreation and do so with the assurance that Ramapo Valley SC will do everything in our power to make sure the experience is a safe and healthy one. 

Ramapo Valley SC board