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Ramapo Valley SC Teams Set For EDP     

By RVSC, 02/21/21, 1:00PM EST


3 RVSC Teams Headed to EDP

Ramapo Valley has three teams participating in EDP this Spring season.

Ramapo Valley SC subscribes to a bottom-up approach. The club believes that each team should start in local leagues and work their way up from the bottom amongst local ranks before moving onto greater competition.

In a recent pre-season interview, Club Director, Yan Garcia, stated that the club’s “girls 2005, boys 2005, and boys 2002 have all demonstrated the ability to perform at the higher level. Local leagues such as Northern Counties offer excellent local youth competition that is a perfect place for our teams to develop in a natural, logical progression. If the team finishes in the top 3, they get promoted to the next flight. If they finish in the bottom 3, they get relegated – it’s no different than in leagues in the rest of world.”

Yan went on to shun clubs that place their teams in leagues they can’t compete in. “The decision that clubs make to place their young teams in advanced leagues is ludicrous and has massive ramifications up the ladder. The games are much further away, and the competition is much stiffer. Nobody likes to travel one hour to a game and lose 7-0. When this happens, players get discouraged and end up quitting soccer only to return in middle school or high school and by then, it’s too late. They’ve missed those formative years of development and then the school and the soccer community suffer.

With announced games and an investment in video technology, the club looks forward to showcasing the talents of its EDP teams this spring season.